We will propoundly discern the nourishment and the nadannah of the defense servants by our company. Vartity can be stored in deposits at a fixed cost.

Perelik servant Vartist servant with MPD
For fasting (24 g) Vid 70.00 UAH / year
For a day post (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) Vid 90.00 UAH / year
For a night post (from 20.00 to 08.00) Vid 95.00 UAH / year
Masovikh zadiv’s defense Vid 190.00 UAH / year
Specialist Defense For housekeeping
Superconducting ventilation and material values ​​ For housekeeping
Bezpeka restoran (fizichna okhora, shvidkogo rekuvannya group, staff transfer, legal servants and supervisors) For housekeeping
Technical Bezpeka (design, installation and maintenance of technical security services, access control systems and video-visual systems) For housekeeping
-Centralized the protection for the auxiliary technical services and that group of the Shvidkoy Reaguvannya For housekeeping
Bezpeka personnel (re-staffing with the staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan, service carried out) For housekeeping
Legal services and supervisors For housekeeping
Advisory services with food safety assistance, assisted in the implementation of service rozslіduvan For housekeeping
Bezpeka Biznesu For housekeeping
Transfer to personnel at polygraphy (detectors brehny) Okremiy koshtoris

For more information and information about your bezpeki, you can contact us, and we will send our representative to you, so you can help us formulate the optimal package of services for bezpeczy bezpecheniya.

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