Physical security

Physical security – a set of measures aimed at ensuring the safety of the operation of the facility, the safety of its tangible property, protection of the life and health of its staff.

Physical protection of facilities, as a rule, begins with an inspection of the facility for possible risks and threats, ways to prevent them and thinking over the most effective and rational security system.

Physical security of the object – the implementation of security and monitoring the situation in the protected area with the direct presence of security officers. The tasks of physical security:
• Access control
• Vehicle inspection
• Prevention of theft and theft
• Walking around the property and surrounding area
• Video surveillance system monitoring
• Monitoring the actions of visitors and employees
• Protection of freely accessible material assets
• Initial measures to eliminate technical accidents and fires
• Prevention of unauthorized access
• Raising and maintaining the high status of the object/enterprise


When hiring a personal guard, you do not pay for the “man in black” to follow you, but for your own safety. The bodyguard monitors the entire route during escort, controls the surrounding crowd, interacts with the rest of the security service, if available. The employees of our company are highly qualified, they are able to correctly respond to any unforeseen situation and independently take measures to prevent or counter.

Bodyguard work requires a very high qualification. Hand-to-hand combat and possession of weapons are just a smaller part of the list of requirements for a specialist. For a bodyguard, the ability to drive a car is necessary – he can act as a driver of the client on an ongoing basis, or in case of an unforeseen situation, a specialist can detect a malfunction or intentional breakdown, and thereby save lives. All employees of our company, selected to ensure personal safety, have the necessary medical knowledge for first aid. We constantly conduct trainings for staff development.

The personnel has a high professional training, experience in official activities in units of the internal affairs bodies of Ukraine.

In order to ensure the optimal level of attracting forces and means to protect a specific object, the company’s specialists conduct a preliminary survey of the object, during which an objective analysis of potential threats, possible tactics of offenders is carried out.

Escort of goods and material assets

Many companies have a need for freight transportation. The cargo can be very different: goods, equipment, office furniture, financial means. Transportation of valuables may also be necessary for a private person. Transportation and escort of goods should be entrusted to professionals, the most unreasonable decision would be self-transportation, or contacting some unreliable structure. Depending on the cargo and its value, it may be lost, damaged or stolen along the way. And in the latter case, the attendant may suffer.

Restaurant security

KOZYRNY SAFETY COMPLEX is a complex of services provided by SBO PHOENIX in the field of restaurant business security, which can significantly reduce restaurant safety costs and at the same time improve the quality of services provided in this area.
• Video surveillance system
• Personnel Security
• Prompt response
• Legal support
• Identification of theft in the restaurant

Protection of public events

Security agencySBO “PHOENIX” has extensive experience in ensuring order during mass events. Our employees have gained experience in the “power” departments of Ukraine – these skills allow us to maintain public order during events of varying complexity. Mass events are protected with prior coordination of our actions with law enforcement agencies.

All security measures are additionally negotiated and agreed upon.get out with the organizers. If necessary, interaction and support is organized by law enforcement and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

Technical safety (design, installation and maintenance of technical security equipment, access control and video surveillance systems)

SBO PHOENIX company offers a full range of services – design, installation, warranty and post-warranty service, modernization of video surveillance systems of any complexity. Our employees have extensive practical experience in installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems. We can always find the best solution for you, as we have a large selection of the latest equipment from leading manufacturers. The specialists of our company will train your staff and provide a complete set of instructions for the installed equipment.

Legal services

• provision of legal advice;
• preparation of written legal documents (contracts, claims, letters, written legal opinions;
• legal examination of documents;
• development of internal documents of the enterprise (regulation on trade secrets, instructions, internal labor regulations, labor contracts, orders, other documents);
• accompaniment of inspections of regulatory bodies;
• services related to registration activities, obtaining licenses, permits.

Personnel safety (personnel screening at employment, conducting internal investigations, personnel screening at a polygraph)

Our experts have significant practical experience in conducting independent evaluations of personnel of enterprises of various forms of ownership, as well as individual surveys of individuals. We have significant experience in conducting comprehensive internal investigations using a remote voice lie detector and psychological testing.

Business Security

A set of measures for the security services of the security company SBO “PHOENIX”
Security Outsourcing Services/Economic/Physical/Technical Security
• Audit of existing security systems
• Audit of inventory management systems
• Mystery shopper/customer services
• Building security from scratch
• Selection/training/conducting of safety training with potential candidates for vacancies according to the staffing table
• Conducting official investigations into the theft of goods and materials (including checking polygraph suspects)

The total amount of the contract for the services provided may vary depending on the complexity of ensuring the safety of the enterprise and material liability. The cost of security services, by region and other regions of Ukraine, is negotiable, after a complete study of the object, its specifics and type of activity.

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