Ensuring physical security is an important part in the organization of the security system of any object, starting from offices, business centers, hotels and ending with warehouses or factories. The presence of armed, specially trained security agency employees at the facility itself reduces the risk of committing crimes on it.

We provide a range of services aimed at protecting objects from illegal penetration, attacks, preventing potential industrial accidents, fire, maintaining public order at enterprises.



Personal protection is the security of your personal space and, first of all, your health.
If you want to protect your life or the lives of your loved ones as much as possible, the “Fenix” company offers professional personal security services. We provide a high level of protection and prevention of any emergency situations.

Professionally trained bodyguards work together as one mechanism. Whether it is necessary to protect 1 person or a group of people – everything will be done clearly and competently.

We guarantee the safety of the client or his/her family members. Our employees quickly analyze the possibility of a threat of encroachment and immediately make the only correct decision in the current situation, which allows us to significantly increase security guarantees. The personnel has a high professional training, experience of official activity in the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.



Many companies have a need for cargo transportation. The cargo can be very different: goods, equipment, office furniture, financial resources. Transportation of valuables may also be necessary for an individual. Transportation and maintenance of goods should be entrusted to professionals.

That is why the best option would be to contact a security company to hire professionals to accompany the cargo. In this case, you can be sure that everything will be delivered on time, to the address, and any possible overlays on the road will be promptly settled without losses for you and your business.



Security is necessary for a cafe, bar, restaurant or similar place to ensure its continuous operation, the safety of material values and goods, as well as compliance with the norms of public law and order by visitors.

Before entering into a security contract, a comprehensive inspection and examination of the object is carried out to determine the most effective and cost-effective method of protecting the object. The level of potential threat to the life and property of owners, employees and customers is analyzed in advance. The composition of security means and security tactics are determined.



The security of mass events should be all-seeing, unobtrusive, effective and at the same time as delicate and respectful as possible. A high level of security is achieved by a set of measures, including: physical security, technical security equipment, organizational and administrative measures.
The security agency “Fenix” has extensive experience in ensuring order during mass events. Our employees have gained experience working in the military and police departments of Ukraine – these skills allow us to maintain public order during events of varying complexity.



Technical security alarm systems allow owners of offices, factories and other facilities to significantly save their budget without hiring security guards to work around the clock on the territory of the facility. It is enough to install a complex of security equipment systems and connect the rapid response service of professionals.



Working with the “Fenix” company means protection in the form in which you need it. And it’s not always physical protection. In some situations, your company may need a one-time or comprehensive legal support of the company’s activities. Whether you have a question in the field of economic, labor, constitutional, financial, civil or criminal law — we can not only answer it, but also protect your interests.
Contact the professionals of the “Phoenix” company – and you can not only save your time, but also significantly increase the chances of a successful resolution of the case.



Ensuring your own security in various areas is always relevant for each enterprise. A special place in building reliable business protection is occupied by personnel security.

The personnel security of the enterprise involves the development of special provisions regulating the conditions for hiring personnel, their adaptation and dismissal, ensuring the loyalty of employees to the company, as well as the preparation of measures that promote the confidentiality of office work and compliance with commercial secrets and confidential information.



Business security is a system of measures that allow you to avoid threats to business or minimize them. Any conflict with state regulatory authorities, partners, competitors and the social environment can create a situation that threatens business.

We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of business security, designed for investors, shareholders or managers of enterprises interested in effective and profitable business. We eliminate obvious and difficult to notice obstacles to the development and effective management of the business.


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