Physical security from the company ” Fenix” means ensuring reliable protection and safety of the client’s life and business.

Ensuring physical security is an important point in the organization of the security system of any object, starting from offices, wellness centers, hotels and ending with warehouses or factories. The presence of armed, specially trained security agency employees at the facility itself reduces the risk of committing crimes on it.

We provide a range of services aimed at protecting objects from illegal penetration, attacks, preventing potential industrial accidents, fire, maintaining public order at enterprises.

Depending on the need and requirements of the customer, the duties of the guard may include:
• Patrolling the perimeter and the territory of the object
• Monitoring of the throughput mode
• Vehicle inspection
• Protection of material values that are freely available
• Prevention of theft and embezzlement
• Prevention of unauthorized access
• Organization of the checkpoint system and management of the Access Control System
• Monitoring of the situation at the facility through video surveillance systems
• Organization of evacuation in case of emergency
• Calling rapid response teams and relevant government agencies in the event of a security breach or threats
• Organization of concierge service
• Other services and services.

Physical security from the company “Fenix” – ensuring reliable protection and safety of the client’s life and business.

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