Personal protection is the security of your personal space and, first of all, your health.

If you want to protect your life or the lives of your loved ones as much as possible, the “Phoenix” company offers professional personal security services. We provide a high level of protection and prevention of any emergency situations. Professionally trained bodyguards work together as one mechanism. Whether it is necessary to protect 1 person or a group of people – everything will be done clearly and competently.

The organization of personal protection from the company “Fenix” provides:
• Support of the client, restriction of access to it
• Verification of close persons
• Provision of a car and bodyguard drivers
• Checking the security of the client’s places of stay and routes and monitoring the situation
• Identification and blocking of potentially dangerous places
• Assessment of the situation, rapid response to any changes in it
• Support and protection during the transportation of material values and papers;
• Control of the situation during meetings, public speeches, etc.

We guarantee the safety of the client and his/her family members. Our employees quickly analyze the possibility of a threat of encroachment and immediately make the only correct decision in the current situation, which allows us to significantly increase security guarantees. The personnel has a high professional training, experience of official activity in the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

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