Business security

Business security is a system of measures that allow you to avoid threats to business or minimize them. Any conflict with state regulatory authorities, partners, competitors and the social environment can create a situation that threatens business.

We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of business security, designed for investors, shareholders or managers of enterprises interested in effective and profitable business. We eliminate obvious and difficult to notice obstacles to the development and effective management of the business.

Business security services:
• Audit of existing security systems
• Audit of accounting systems for the safety of goods and materials
• Secret Buyer-Client services
• Building security from scratch
• Selection, training, conducting security trainings with potential candidates for vacancies according to the staffing table
• Conducting official investigations into the theft of goods and materials (including checking suspects on a polygraph)

The activities of our specialists and the comprehensive measures applied to combat threats to business cover three main stages:
1. threat prevention (preventive measures when the threat is not yet real, but already potentially exists);
2. identification of threats (measures to identify the threat immediately after its appearance);
3. elimination of consequences (measures applied after the threat is eliminated).

Security specialists and the legal department will provide full protection of the enterprise from the impact of internal and external factors of influence. The work on protecting the company is designed in such a way as to prevent a possible threat. We also guarantee prompt assistance during searches, seizures, and raider seizure.

It is impossible to carry out high-quality measures to ensure the safety of the enterprise without attracting good specialists with experience in this field. The Phoenix company has a huge experience in providing protection and security in the market of Kiev and Ukraine. The well-coordinated work of our specialists will allow us to eliminate existing vulnerabilities or build a security system from scratch.

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