Security is necessary for a cafe, bar, restaurant or similar place to ensure its continuous operation, the safety of material values and goods, as well as compliance with the norms of public law and order by visitors.

Before entering into a security contract, a comprehensive inspection and examination of the object is carried out to determine the most effective and cost-effective method of protecting the object. The level of potential threat to the life and property of owners, employees and customers is analyzed in advance. The composition of security means and security tactics are determined.

The security of restaurants, cafes, clubs almost always provides for the installation of technical security equipment in addition to the presence of security guards. When protecting, it is taken into account: information about the object itself, the nature of the services provided, information about the category of visitors and staff; the operational situation around the protected object; work schedule (round-the-clock work, hourly work, weekends).

When ordering security services, we offer:
– setting up a stationary physical security post with the necessary weapons;
– installation of technical means of security and video surveillance;
– installation of an alarm button to ensure the emergency arrival of a rapid response team at a protected object;
– legal support.

When guarding restaurants, cafes, clubs, our employees carry out the whole range of measures: organization of access control for service personnel, face control (at the request of the client), physical protection of property and personnel, prevention of theft, theft and damage to property, inspection of goods and equipment, if necessary, inspection of hand luggage, checking personnel on the database

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