The security of mass events should be all-seeing, unobtrusive, effective and at the same time as delicate and respectful as possible. A high level of security is achieved by a set of measures, including: physical security, technical security equipment, organizational and administrative measures.

The security agency “Phoenix” has extensive experience in ensuring order during mass events. Our employees have gained experience working in the military and police departments of Ukraine – these skills allow us to maintain public order during events of varying complexity.The protection of mass events is carried out with the preliminary coordination of our actions with law enforcement agencies.

In order to determine effective security tactics, our company’s specialists will pre-examine the venue of the event for vulnerabilities and potential threats. When choosing methods and means of protection, the following are taken into account: the format of the event; the location, overall and design features of the object; the criminal situation in the area; the time of the event; the number of participants and guests; the availability of the adjacent territory and car parking; the technical equipment of the object.

All security measures are additionally discussed and agreed with the organizers. If necessary, cooperation and support from law enforcement and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine is organized.

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