Unlike many other companies, we provide a whole range of services. You will not have to puzzle over where to find additional security vehicles, how to develop an extremely safe route. All this is done by highly professional specialists of our company themselves. At the same time, this service includes accompanying bonuses, the benefits of which have already been felt by many of our customers.

Our company offers the following services:
• protection and escort of goods and employees who are engaged in their transportation;
• providing car support;
• provision of a security guard driver;
• development of an optimal travel route that takes into account the location of service stations, gas stations, settlements and places of increased danger (bridges, tunnels, railway crossings, etc.);
• installation of a GPRS beacon and tracking the movement of cargo with it;
• operational and engineering and technical support of specialists-both during the preparation and during the execution of the task;
• providing legal advice in the preparation of documents necessary for transportation and support.

With us, your cargo will arrive safely to all the borders of Ukraine. If there is a route, our guards are ready to follow the cargo to any point in the country. A distinctive feature of our company’s security guards is the ability to make the right decision in an emergency situation in time. That is, at a critical moment, they will react very quickly to the threat, while taking absolutely adequate and legal measures. However, in most cases, they manage to avoid such threats altogether. Our guards are able not only to give a worthy rebuff, but also are able to anticipate the impending danger in advance and make a quick decision that will avoid force majeure.

This approach makes cargo tracking as safe as possible.

Working with the “Fenix” company, you will appreciate the high level of professionalism of our security guards and will not regret the funds invested in the security of your valuables.

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